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8 Fantastic Things To Ask a Moving Company and More

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Author: Evan Steed

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Tags: Company Culture, Moving, Moving Tips

Trust Fall Worth Trusting

* Don’t Make a Decision Until You Are Fully Informed! *

Ask yourself these quick simple questions and see if the moving company you're choosing is the right decision.  If you answer yes to the following questions, then they are undoubtedly the company for you!

Small Checkmark Does the moving company provide quotes that come with a guaranteed cost or not-to-exceed price—regardless of final weight—as long as the scope of the job remains the same?
Small Checkmark Are the movers that show up at your door professionally trained, well-groomed, polite, respectful and insured? Have they had thorough background checks? Are they actual employees of the company?
Small Checkmark Are the same movers who load your items the same movers who unload, making them accountable for quality and minimizing miscommunications?
Small Checkmark Is their breakage-to-move ratio eight times lower than the industry standard—only three percent? Do they pay their movers bonuses for damage-free performance and high customer-survey satisfaction results?
Small Checkmark If an item is damaged, does the moving company include full replacement value coverage?
Small Checkmark Does the company cover 100% of any damage that might occur to the homes on either end of your move?
Small Checkmark Has the company received numerous awards for excellence in business practices and outstanding service?
Small Checkmark Will the moving company ensure that my items will be the only items in the truck and not mixed with another shipment? Will they secure specific pick-up and drop-off date and times?

At Meathead Movers, we realize that we are not just moving your “stuff.” We are moving your belongings, valuables, family—your life. We treat your belongings with the utmost care, and you with the utmost respect…can the other long distance movers say the same?


How do you ensure that your movers are the best in the business?

We recruit our movers from athletic programs at colleges and universities near you. Of course, we look for those who can physically handle the hard work involved in the moving business. But we also look at the person’s grooming, friendliness and general attitude. A thorough background check is done, and then new hires attend Meathead U, the most intensive training program in the industry.

All movers are employees—not day laborers—and that means they have a stake in ensuring you have the best possible moving experience. In addition, our generous incentive program rewards those movers who provide above and beyond service.

What do you mean by your “guaranteed flat cost or not-to-exceed price?”

That means that there are no hidden fees, no extra or unexplained charges, no bait-and-switch, no surprises whatsoever on moving day. The final price we quote is the price you pay. Period. That applies to pads, shrink wrap, tie down rope and extra things like that. We want your moving day to be as pleasant and as hassle-free as possible.

How do I know you’ll take good care of my family’s belongings?

We feel we can’t say this enough: Our breakage rate is eight times lower than the national average. We attribute that statistic to the quality of our employees. Also, we don’t mix loads. Your belongings are the only items on the truck that arrives at your new home.

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