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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Author: Erin Steed

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Tags: Moving Tips

RecycleMoving is not an ultra-easy task. Trust us, we know. And making your move as green as possible is even more of a challenge. In order to reach your eco-friendly moving goals, here are just a few tips and strategies to get you moving in the right direction.

Minimizing Trips

Whether you are doing a local or long distance move, to reduce your carbon footprint be sure to pack your car or moving vehicle as efficiently as possible. Using a moving truck from a moving company offers the best volume to driving ratio, streamlining your eco-efficient move.

Keep in mind of what you are moving in your personal vehicle and consider what your most fragile items are. As a consequence, some trips by virtue will have less room for items such as paintings, good china, the television, or other valuables that can easily be damaged. If transporting any of your goods in your own car, remember to avoid obstructing vision and blind spots as best you can while maximizing the space in your moving vehicle.

Garage Sale Sign

When it comes to moving, downsizing can be one of the most difficult tasks for some people. However, reducing the amount of your belongings is a great way to streamline your move which can help you save money and even make money!

A fantastic way to do this is to set aside a couple days and go through your outdated belongings and donate them at your favorite thrift store.  Or a popular choice is to set up a yard sale over the weekend to generate some funding for your big move, while lightening the amount of your possessions.

Packing Materials

Packing Materials One of the most classic and common forms of packing up your household items is done with newspaper. And this technique is no exception to saving resources. If you are not a subscriber to the paper, nor want to have newspaper print all over your hands, your local newspaper will often have excess rolls of paper that cannot be used on their press, and is a great way to have a bulk supply of packing material for your most fragile valuables. 

When using packing peanuts, make sure to use the biodegradable foam (aka: the ones that dissolve in water) or consider using shredded paper.  Use this helpful link here to find some recycling alternatives for your regular packaging foam if necessary.

Bubble wrap, although effective and fun to use, is terrible for the landfill.  However, it can be taken to some local recycling centers, which can vary from city to city.  Visit earth911.com to search if there is a center near you that fits your recycling needs.

The Right Boxes

Getting the right kind of boxes for your move is of great importance.  But ensuring that the box is both reliable and eco-friendly can seem contradicting at times.  Used boxes often have a connotation of being unreliable, unsanitary, and prone to causing instances that can damage your valuables.  This may be true, but in reality if selected carefully, a used box can be just as useful as a new box.  (Check out our post about used boxes and see what is also important to know!) The great thing about cardboard is whether you acquire some great used boxes, or some brand new boxes to fit your needs, all of the above can be recycled just the same.  A great tip to either find - or give - quality used boxes can be achieved through craigslist.com. (Results may vary.)

cardboard boxescardboard boxes

GreenHead Movers (Trade Mark Pending)9.jpg

  • After every move we recycle 100% of moving boxes we unpack. 
  • As an added bonus, we can offer help in removing your abundant packing materials and boxes on site so that you do not have to make numerous recycling trips in your car.
  • At Meathead Movers we end up recycling more content than we throw away.
  • We also reduce our paper consumption by using electronic tablets out on the field and send over-the-phone estimates to our clients via email.
  • In our continued effort to maximize efficiency, our moving trucks periodically use bio-diesel to regularly cleanse the engine and keep our trucks in optimum working condition.

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