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Fall and Winter Moving Tips

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Author: Erin Steed

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Tags: Moving Tips

Weather WomanWhile it's common knowledge that summer is "busy season" for moving companies, you don't always have the luxury of moving at the optimal time for good weather and your kids' summer vacation. Don't fear; you can rely on our 14 years of experience to guide you through moving in the off-season. In honor of the crisp, cool weather and the appearance of fall leaves in glorious reds, oranges, and yellow, we present Meathead Moving Tips: Cold Weather Edition! The biggest element of the fall and winter months that can disrupt your move is weather. There are several things you take into consideration when choosing a professional mover: 

Reschedule Policy: There are some days where the weather is so bad that it would be irresponsible and unsafe to move your items. You want a moving company who cares enough about your items to postpone a move so that your items are not damaged and are not being transported on icy, treacherous roads (it's a rare moving company that employs Ice Road Truckers!). Sure, it's easier to just service the move and collect payment, but on some occasions, it's not the right choice. On the other hand, there are bad weather days that, with proper training and equipment, a professional mover can work through safely and quickly. But that doesn't mean you, the client, still want to move in snow or rain. Make sure you choose a company who doesn't punish you with fees when you reschedule. At Meathead Movers, there is never a charge to reschedule. We respect your comfort level when you wake up to a cloudy sky on move day. 

Hazardous Weather Policy: First off, make sure the moving companies you are evaluating have one in place. You'd be surprised at how many don't! Here are some aspects of our Hazardous Weather Policy. It's a good starting point for a conversation with the movers you speak to. 

  • Because our movers jog when not carrying anything, on rainy days they are instructed not to jog. The truck ramps and driveways can get awfully slippery really quickly, and no one wants their move slowed down by an injury. 
  • We always pad wrap all wood and fragile furniture with thick, new moving blankets and then add a layer of industrial strength plastic wrap for additional protection, but on rainy days, we use blankets for everything, so that none of your possessions are exposed to the elements. 
  • Once items are loaded into the moving truck, everything is inspected and wiped down. Just one more extra step to ensure your items stay dry and protected. 
  • When we arrive at your new home, we first set up pads to protect all floors. We unload in a two stage process. Items are unloaded into the garage or other dry staging area, wiped down, and unwrapped. Then all movers clean and dry off their shoes and any other rain-affected parts. We then move everything, now that it's dry and our guys are, too, wherever you want it in the new home. No muddy footprints, no wet furniture, and no extra rainy day stress!

Oh, and don't forget! Everything we mentioned above should come and no additional charge: refuse to be nickle and dimed for things that are just plain good customer service. 

We hope these tips help you with your cold and rainy weather move. We are always here to help and share the knowledge we've gained while completing over 20,000 moves! If you would like a custom Moving Tips blog tailored to your needs, please leave us a comment. Thank you, and happy moving.

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