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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Author: Aaron Steed

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Favorite Moving Company in LA, Meathead Movers

Last week I received a phone call out of the blue: it was the LA Daily News calling to let me know that Meathead Movers had been voted as their readers’ favorite moving company. It was very exciting, and surprising, news. Let me explain the surprise factor a little: After 14 years in business and dozens of awards over the years, it’s not the recognition of our superior service that was a surprise, but the fact that in the largest metropolis on the West Coast and without a fancy PR firm’s assistance, the company my brother and I founded as teenagers had managed to stand out from the crowd so soon after we decided to focus on the Los Angeles market! 

We’ve been doing moves all over the state of California for the past decade, but it was only this year we expanded our local service region to include Los Angeles and Orange County. Our customers had been clamoring for it, and we had the infrastructure to support it, so it made sense. But, this being the economic climate that it is, we didn’t have the budget to hire PR pros to get us in the big papers and magazines or pitch us for splashy reality TV shows. While our competitors are able to leverage the mega advertising budgets of the huge international vanlines they affiliate with, as a small family-owned business, we have to get creative. And we’re up to it! 

We focused on what we do best

We worked hard to deliver our outstanding customer care and the famous hustle of our professionally-trained student-athlete movers. As always, we had faith that if were willing to outwork anyone and if we stayed true to our core values, we’d be bound to grow as happy clients shared their experiences with friends and family. We continued to allocate funds to pay our Meatheads to move women in domestic violence situations for free and to the Cinderella Fund and resisted to temptation to use that money for glossy ads and catchy radio jingles. And this award, the honor of being selected as the Los Angeles Daily News Favorite Moving Company, was proof what we do works. What makes it even cooler is that we weren’t even on the ballot! We won because, of the over 20,000 voters, the majority was passionate about our services to take the time to write us in! 

Thank you to everyone who voted, and we look forward to continuing to earn this distinction for many years to come, as we’ve done in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

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