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Friday, August 31, 2012

Author: Evan Steed

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Tags: Moving, Moving Tips, Student-Athletes

College is arguably one of the most exciting and freeing times of a student’s life. College ensures maximum time spent out of your parent’s house. The term “might” is notoriously vague when proclaiming, “I might go to bed now, I’ve got class in the morning.” Eating cheese burgers and Crunch Wrap Supremes are generally regarded as a sustainable diet. Doing the dishes is the most difficult chore conceivable. And spending an entire day on YouTube and Facebook while simultaneously watching a marathon of Boy Meets World isn’t necessarily considered a bad thing.

At Meathead Movers our elite moving team is comprised of dedicated student athletes. So we completely understand that moving to college is a pivotal process.

In order to make this important moving expedition as seamless and user friendly as possible, we have populated a series of lists we think will be helpful in organizing your move to higher education.

Popular College EssentialsItems Easily forgotten

  • Microwave 
  • Flat Screen TV 
  • Xbox 
  • Nintendo 64 
  • Lamp 
  • Fan 
  • Printer 
  • Laptop 
  • Headphones 
  • Clothes hamper 
  • Ramen Noodles (no college experience is complete without) 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Alarm Clock 
  • Identification (ideally not fake)

307.jpgPro Packing Tip!

When trying to pack all your clothes for college, its easy to run out of room in the car. The easiest way to effectively move all your apparel while maximizing living space once your moved in is to use large plastic bags (trash bags?) or with a duffel bag. I have to give a shout out to my friends at The North Face, their duffel bags are practicaly bullet proof, lasting all 4 (maybe 5 or 6?) years of college and probably for the rest of your life...and they have backpack straps for easy carrying. Either way, using these collapasable bags instead of suitcases will save you an incredible amount of room once their unpacked!

Shop Like a Boss

Popular retailers such as Walmart and Target anticipate college move in weekends relevant to their proximate campuses. Often they will have a list of popular essentials that are in-store that one can reference while shopping. Target also features a great resource to anyone with a smartphone and gives them the ability to cross off their checklist in an interactive fashion whilst shopping in real-time.

Things to do Before the Move...

  • Mailing address updated for... 
    • Magazine Subscriptions (if applicable) 
    • Bank Statements 
    • Amazon, EBay, Zappos, etc. 
  • Order your school books online through your university or favorite online retailer 
  • Activate/Reactivate Netflix account 
  • All financial aid or scholarship forms completed and confirmed 
  • Make sure cell phone plan applies to new location without long distance fees 
  • Any relevant utilities are set up before or on move-in date 
  • Burn a new CD/create a new playlist for traveling 
  • Check vehicle status 
    • Oil change 
    • Tires
    • Brake Alignment 
    • Etc.
  • Ensure that all of your medical shots are up to date. (We found WebMD has a good resource for college student vaccines)

And Most Importantly…

Make sure to have fun! Moving to college might feel a little scary at times, but it should be a sensational experience! And having everything in order and organized is just the first step in enjoying this important milestone in your life.

Some Additional Resources When Moving to College

Recommended Smart Phone App:

Slug Books LLC
College Packing List by Slug Books LLC
This simple yet effective app features an intricate checklist that is divided into categories and subcategories that are both easy to read and easy to edit. If “organization” is your middle name, then this is the most all-inclusive app for you when moving to college.

Meathead Moving Checklist

Feel like there is still more to do? Here we shamelessly tacked on our comprehensive moving checklist. We know this probably won't apply to a college student moving into the dorms as well as it might apply towards a family moving into a four bedroom house.  However, we thought this might hold some valuable information worth considering. Feel free to download the PDF of our moving checklist here.

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