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Top 10 Things Meatheads are Thankful for

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Author: Aaron Steed

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Tags: Movers, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving eat more beefThanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect and say thanks for the blessings that we all have in our life. With that said, here are the top 10 things that we at Meathead Movers are thankful for:

10. Protein Shakes
Because lifting heavy furniture everyday breaks down muscle fibers, Muscle Milk helps us rebuild that muscle quickly so we’re refreshed for our clients the next day.

9. Shirt sizes that are one size too small
Look, we’re proud of what we earned; what else can we say?

8. “Jack N’ Tan”
A jack n’ tan is when you work out followed by a 20 minute session tanning. As long as you don’t get Jersey Shore orange, muscles just look a little better bronzed!

7. 24 Hour Fitness
Because working out should never have time limits, and after a long day of class and moving, sometimes it’s 10 pm before we can fit a workout in.

6. Sleeveless shirts
You get it.

5. Old Spice
Cause it makes us smell good. And, well, look at your man, now look at me.

4. George Foreman Grills
Express grilling, especially great for grilling chicken which is high in protein, low in fat and cheap at Costco.

3. Text messaging
Who doesn’t love quick communication where you don’t have to burn up cell phone minutes and you don’t get judged for your grammar?

2. UFC
The ultimate sport of any Meathead.

1. Customers who need Meatheads to move
Because without you, we wouldn’t be here! Thank you for supporting our Meatheads as they work their way through college in pursuit of their own American Dream! We love you and are thankful for you!

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