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It is the goal of each Meathead Mover to move all of your personal belongings without mishap and to bring them to the new location in the same condition in which they were acquired. No matter how well the move is going, accidents can happen, and that is why we strongly recommend our clients purchase some level of valuation.

Valuation Options

Full Value

Full Value is our best valuation option. With this option, all items that are broken or damaged will be replaced or repaired to satisfactory condition. To be protected by our Full Value coverage we charge $1.45 for each $100 of declared value. For example - if you were to purchase full value coverage for a shipment valued at $20,000, the additional charge would be only $290.

With Full Value coverage, we include the option to add a deductible to the policy. The cost per $100 of declared value is lower with a higher deductible. The deductible options are as follows:

Deductible Price Per $100 Declared Value Cost of $20,000 Declared Value
$ 0 $ 1.45 $ 290
$ 250 $ 0.45 $ 90
$ 500 $ 0.25 $ 50

Actual Cash Value

In addition to Full Value, there is Actual Cash Value. This option provides for lost or damaged items based on their actual cash value, including depreciation, at the time of the loss or damage. The owner will be reimbursed up to the total dollar amount of value declared by the owner. Actual Cash Value coverage does not include a deductible option, and the pricing is as follows:

Deductible Price Per $100 Declared Value Cost of $20,000 Declared Value
$ 0 $ 0.75 $ 150

Minimum Coverage

There is always a $ 0.60 per pound per article valuation option which is provided at no additional cost. This is the minimal coverage available on your belongings.

All valuation options will be further explained to you before the move takes place, and you will be required to choose one of the provided options.

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