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A Meathead is a professionally trained student-athlete mover who has been trained to deliver exceptional service. A Meathead is coached by the Mentors on each job to make each move a success.


A Mentor is a Meathead Movers employee who has been extensively trained to supervise moving crews and drive our trucks. The Mentor is also the employee who will handle all the paperwork with our clients.

Not To Exceed Price

We give our clients a written Not to Exceed price ("NTE") price before each move. This is the price that we promise your move will not cost more than. We then only charge you for the time it actually takes to complete your move. The majority of our jobs come in well below the NTE, due to our quick, capable movers. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) rules state that if we reach the NTE during your move, we must stop and get your permission before we go any further. We will not, and cannot, charge you more than the NTE unless you request additional services. For example, if you ask us to move more boxes than we planned on the estimate, this requires additional services. You would then be asked to sign a change order authorizing a higher charge.


This is when we need to reload your items from a larger truck to a smaller truck usually to accommodate steep driveways or low overhang trees. Our estimators are trained to look for potential shuttle runs since they drastically add time to the estimate and total time it takes to complete the move.


A pre-determined maximum and minimum cost for the move. In other words, a fixed quoted price for a specific scope of work. This is only used (as required by the PUC) when we cannot do a visual estimate three days before the move.


Us, Meathead Movers.


You, our client.

Load Until Full (LUF)

This term is used when Meathead Movers gives our clients a Not To Exceed price based upon loading X amount of trucks. When the client agrees to this, it is then the client’s responsibility to arrange transport or disposal of any left over items.


The Meathead Concierge is similar to a concierge at a 5 star hotel. The Concierge's job is to find out what moving related service providers our clients may need (storage unit, housecleaner, etc.) Then, the Concierge contacts the service providers and has the service provider get in touch with our clients. No commissions or kickbacks are received, this is a free service designed to help our clients.

Selected Representative

This is when a client selects someone else on their behalf to direct the move and fill out the paperwork. It is similar to a power of an attorney. It helps to know who the selected representative is before the move.

Items of Exceptional Value

Any item that would cost more than $5,000.00 to replace. Meathead will ask our clients to disclose if there are any "items of exceptional value" at the estimate so we can handle with extreme care on move day and possibly provide extra valuation for the items.

Change Order of Services

This is issued on a moving job when the scope of work is different than what was originally estimated for. Meathead Movers sets a new Not to Exceed price and documents why the Change Order of Services was issued. At that time, our client can either accept or deny the change order.

Descriptive Inventory

This is a detailed inventory of every item that gets loaded on the Meathead Movers truck. We will document what the item is and the condition of the item before and after transit and we will get signatures from our clients at the origin and destination of the move. We use these forms on long distance moves.

Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

This is one of the moving industry's governing bodies. Many of the forms our clients have to fill out on moving jobs are to fulfill P.U.C. requirements. MHM Trivia: At the time Evan Steed obtained Meathead Movers P.U.C. permit, he was the youngest licensed professional mover in the Unites States.

Bill of Lading

Receipt for your goods and contract for their transportation and valuation coverage. Your signature acknowledges that your household goods can be loaded on our trucks and "released to the carrier."


Statement of loss or damage to any of your household goods while in the care, custody and control of Meathead Movers. All claims for loss or damage must be filed and received by the carrier within nine months from the date of delivery.


Your declaration of the value of possessions being shipped, thereby establishing our maximum liability for the loss or damage to the shipment. Your Move Coordinator will go over the different types of valuation we offer, and be able to answer any questions you may have.

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