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Charlie A.'s Princesses Packed 56 Boxes

Thank You Charlie

Cinderella Fund

All of us hope you enjoyed our princesses who packed your treasures! Because Charlie used Princess Packers $56.00 will be donated to the local Cinderella Fund. We hope you enjoyed your Princess Packers and would greatly appreciate if you would consider sharing your Princess Packers experiences with your friends. We encourage you to click on your favorite Princesses and share your thoughts!

Katherine Farley Has completed over 41 moves! Tennis Track

Katherine Farley

Height: 5' 6"     Weight: 160 Lbs.
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Bio: I came to Meathead in search of an active job over summer. My personal goal is to become an athletic trainer.

Iridian Garcia Has completed over 108 moves! Cross-country Skiing Running Baseball

Iridian Garcia

Height: 5' 6"     Weight: 130 Lbs.
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Bio: I'm a Cuesta College student planning to transfer to Chico State, my major is Communication Studies.

Courtney Kent Has completed over 65 moves! Cheer Snowboarding Dance Hiking Camping

Courtney Kent

Height: 5' 3"     Weight: 125 Lbs.
Hometown: Ridgecrest, CA
Bio: I am currently attending Cuesta College, and I am majoring in Psychology. I am studying to achieve my dream job in Behavioral Analysis in the FBI.

Hannah Knobel-Pollard Has completed over 95 moves! Hiking Volleyball Cheer Running

Hannah Knobel-Pollard

Height: 5' 6"     Weight: 120 Lbs.
Hometown: Morro Bay, CA
Bio: I decided to work at Meathead Movers to stay active and fit on the job. I've always loved working with and meeting new people.

Jade Tirado Has completed over 153 moves! Basketball Volleyball Running Surfing

Jade Tirado

Height: 5' 5"     Weight: 165 Lbs.
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Bio: I came to Meathead because I was referred by Hannah KP. My personal goal is to become an exotic animal vet technician.

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