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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Author: Aaron Steed

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Tags: Meathead History

371.jpgWith zero parental support, my brother and I needed to figure out a way to make money while wrestling in high school and college; this led to us starting Meathead Movers with our friends. Wrestling was our passion, in fact, our first logo was a wrestler, see below, and we have stayed connected with the wrestling community, never forgetting where we come from or who we are deep down. This unique sport has helped shape us and millions of men and women around the world into hard working and confident people. On February 13, 2013, the International Olympic Committee’s recommendation to eliminate wrestling hit all the media channels. At first, we were surprised and confused, then hurt, then furious and later deeply passionate to do WHATEVER we can to protect the sport that has shaped our character. Apparently, we were not alone. With just one Facebook post over sixty wrestlers showed up to my office for a single day of video shooting and we created a short video to share a little about how this sport has impacted those in our small community.


What You Can Do

Join the Facebook Movement: http://www.facebook.com/officialkeepwrestlingintheolympics

USA Wrestling's Official Webpage: http://keepwrestlingintheolympics.com


The Wrestlers in the Video

The following were featured in our video. Thank you to everyone who participated.

  • Brendan Buckley
  • Kyle Chené
  • Ryan Clayton
  • Isaias Diaz
  • Atticus Disney
  • Brandon Drucker
  • Kyle Gilchrist
  • J.T. Goodwin
  • Kellen Huber
  • Xavier Johnson
  • Darlene Julian
  • Matt Jones
  • Haven Kardel
  • Connor King
  • Britain Longmire
  • Blake Kastl
  • Caleb Lopez
  • Eric Maldonado
  • Bob Mariucci
  • Evan McKirdy
  • Doug Perrin
  • James Powers
  • Colton Shorts
  • Max Veneris
  • William Walker
  • Stefan Weidemann
  • Matt Wilson
  • Paul Woodman


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Save Olympic Wrestling

Save Olympic Wrestling




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